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Tips from the Back Room

In Praise of the Limousine Coach

by Brian Simmons

Having read the very interesting article by Steve Holben in a previous issue, it brought to mind an opinion that I have had forming for some time.

It’s no secret that the public perception of funerals and memorialization is changing. Most younger to middle-aged people have had little or no exposure to funerals except possibly movies or television. One of the few vestiges of our business which is visible to the general public is the funeral coach.

Modern Hearse

Having said that, let me explain my enthusiasm about the return of the limousine-style coach.

I have been in Europe and even parts of the Caribbean where the European style glass hearses are used. We all remember Princess Diana’s funeral and the exposure that hearse got going to the cemetery.

As they elegantly drive down the street, you cannot help but notice the polished wood coffins and flowers in the back.
Why not show off our caskets, urns, and flowers here. Let the public see the merchandise. Get that in their minds. Also, knowing that people will see the casket or urn, perhaps, the consumer might opt for a more attractive purchase.

It may be just subliminal marketing, but, hey, why hide our light under a bushel (or a pair of landau bows).

Brian SimmonsAbout the Author:

Brian Simmons a native of Ft. Scott, KS is a Vietnam veteran and attended MSU in Springfield. He owned and managed funeral homes in Missouri and Arkansas before founding Springfield Mortuary Service, Inc.

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