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Urns and Outs

I am so excited to announce the opening of The History of Cremation Exhibit at the National Museum of Funeral History. Here are some images of the first interior room of the exhibit, which is a scale reproduction of the LeMoyne Crematory, America's first Crematory, in Washington, Pennsylvania. This first room contains artifacts from the LeMoyne Crematory, including the notebook kept by builder/operator John Dye; the name plate from the coffin of Baron de Palm, the first person cremated in the US; the casket lid of Jane Pittman, first woman cremated in the US; an original door from the LeMoyne Crematory retort; exactly-replicated tools, crib, and catafalque; and an apothecary vial that contains a small portion of the remains of the Baron de Palm. This permanent exhibit opened September 17, 2018, in the National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, Texas.

This is my perspective!

A scale reproduction of the LeMoyne  Crematory, America's first Crematory, in Washington, Pennsylvania.

Urns 1

Urns 2

Urns 3

Jason Ryan EnglerJason Ryan Engler is a licensed funeral director and certified celebrant. He is The Cremation Historian for the Cremation Association of North America and the National Museum of Funeral History and a frequent speaker and writer on the subject of cremation in the US, urns, and their history. He is the cremation products buyer for Service Corporation International and lives in Houston, Texas, with his miniature dachshund, Otto.

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